Order it now. This is how many thumps your body effectively takes in a minute! We wish for the money spent it included a hard case, but that’s sold separately. In fact, it’s actually more powerful, but comes with a slightly steeper price tag. After a thorough trial, we’re impressed. Theragun we have evolved from Theragun to Therabody. What buyers say: “This thing is amazing. Using their products will leave you with a slightly relaxed feel. But then there are other factors too that matter a great deal. Well, the G3 is smaller and lighter, and is the only model in the range that is available in two different colors. With such a great stroke depth you’d expect it to be heavy and loud: But it weighs just 2.2lbs, making it easy to hold and control. If you can afford the high ticket price tag, this powerful massage gun from trusted brand Theragun is scientifically-calibrated to give you a deep tissue massage that’s worth every penny. It is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, office workers and the elderly. It doesn’t offer as many attachments as the G3 or G3 Pro, yet you do still get three different massage tips (attachments) to choose from. You get only one speed setting too, but it is one TimTam feel is exactly the right setting for experiencing all the benefits of a percussion massage. Powering it on, the thrill continues as the brushless 5-speed motor seamlessly and smoothly hums along at 1400-3200RPM. There’s truly not a whole lot that differentiates the Hypervolt vs. the M3 Pro unless you nit pick. A couple of massage guns that I own: The Theragun G3 PRO & the Hypervolt. Update #1: Ekrin just released an upgraded model called the B37S. UPDATE: All Discounts and Sales On Massage Guns Can Be Found HERE. You have three different speed settings to help you handle the power, that’s more options than all of the devices in the Theragun range. It … When you’re looking for a percussion massage gun, naturally you’re thinking about investing in a Theragun device. The product manufacturers describe it as ‘not quiet, but powerful’, and it certainly is, delivering the same amount of power (and a similar amount of noise!) Although plenty powerful, you’ll need to upgrade to the Elite’s older sibling, the PRO for more power and increased battery life thanks to 2 removable batteries. Acupressure Mat Benefits: 23 Reasons to Roll out Your Mat Today! I found that with Medcursor. Let’s talk about the ceramic heated attachment head shall we? The Theragun G3 is the mid-range version of the G3 Pro, while the Hypervolt is perhaps the best known Theragun alternative. CHEERFUN Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun #6. It’s reliable, holds a consistently long charge, and its 3 speed motor provides more than enough percussion. This allows you to get more from the device as you can position it exactly where you need it, taking advantage of 90° degrees of rotation. However their devices are a little pricey: The basic model starts at around $250 with the more expensive ones reaching $600. Theragun vs Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager, Comparing Theragun Devices: G3PRO, G3 and liv models, Features to Consider When Buying a Massage Gun, basic model starts at around $250 with the more expensive ones reaching $600, PlayMakar’s aim is to break down barriers, a firm favorite with a number of professional athletes, 39 Back Pain Statistics (To Send a Shiver Down Your Spine), Best Neck Massager: Reviews for Pain Relief in 2020, What Is The Best TENS Unit: Reviews And Ratings (For 2020). One of our favorite features of the addsfit Mini is the fact that it’s charged with a USB-C cable. Best Overall: TaoTronics Massage Gun. What buyers say: “I looked for a long time, to find a massager that really had some punch to it and was a decent price. An attractive molded case is included with 5 attachment heads and a charger. Two of the most popular massage gun brands on the market are Theragun (recently rebranded to Therabody) and Hyperice. The manual indicates battery life ranging from 4-10 hours on a single charge depending on how you use it. The liv model is marginally lighter and nearly half the price, so take a look at our buying guide below to help you understand each of the features a little better before making your decision. Like an iPhone, you’ll do well to protect it, because it’s not exactly cheap to replace, but in our opinion 100% worth it. Whether you’re an avid athlete or simply suffer with muscle aches and pains, you’ve likely thought about buying a percussion massage gun. The only significant difference we noticed when testing the two was in the percussion. Included in the cost is a smart case to store your device, which is ideal for carrying with you wherever you go. I suffer from some chronic pain due to a few ailments, and this has worked better than any prescription.”, (Update: Get 10% off with promo code “MASSAGEGUNFIGHT10“). LifePro DynaMini: Is This Portable Massager Worth It? Super compact, super convenient charging, super easy to pack, thanks for the free travel bag!”. If you’re at all familiar with massage guns, you’ve probably heard of the Kraftgun. Should you buy it? Posted on December 12, 2020 December 12, 2020 by Joshua Bryan. It’s nice to know you won’t have to worry about carrying around yet another charger. As mentioned, battery life is good and lasts about the 3 hours advertised. Enter code “FIGHTPULSEFX” at checkout and receive $30 off the purchase price! From the look to the feel, this massage gun is sturdy. ... Shopping Guide: The Best Massage Guns and Theragun Alternatives of 2020. What we looked for in a percussive massage gun: Most Innovative Massage Gun: LifePro Fusion FX, Most Popular Massage Gun: Hyperice Hypervolt, The Best “Not A Hypervolt” Massage Gun: opove M3 Pro, World’s Smallest Massage Gun: addsfit Mini, UPDATE: All Discounts and Sales On Massage Guns Can Be Found, , it’s important to know how long it’s going to last before. The unit is drastically more powerful that other consumer products.”. Check. To clarify, it was never because we were having issues with the massage gun itself. Taotronics is a brand that is already known for its audio and home appliance products, but they now have a massage gun that has quickly become one of the most popular budget massagers. All the attachments and the battery stay firmly seated in the body. This is the amount of pressure the device can take without stalling. If you want an affordable massage gun, with great battery life, and plenty of attachments, look no further than the Mebak 3. No one wants to be tied to a wall socket! Eva Carey, director of massage therapy at Zeel, said a top-notch massage gun can … The Theragun Prime Handheld Percussive Massage Gun, which will help soothe sore muscles, is currently available on Best Buy at $50 off, lowering … This number is in the thousands and gives you an indication of the power of the product. If you are on a budget, opt for the PlayMakar percussion massager that costs as little as $180. To help you make a more informed decision, we took it upon ourselves to buy and test the most popular massage guns available. Their benefits, why we use them & some side effects are also added. Fans who owned the original (and massively successful) Hypervolt model, loved how with the new Plus they got all the same features but with extra power. The VI Jigsaw is one of the most powerful massage guns around and comes in at a really great price. While its 10mm stroke depth isn’t quite as deep as the 16mm stroke of a Theragun device, it outperforms on speed settings. It also includes a pause button that allows you to put a hold on your massage session, and pick it right back up where you left off. Check. USB-C has become the ubiquitous charging cable of most laptops and cell phones nowadays. It’s seriously good value for money, achieving more percussions per minute than all the Theragun models, for a much lower price. Use promo code “MGF25“. Total charge time is rated at 2-3 hours. An affordable (slightly noisy) option with lots of power! However overwhelmingly reviewers of the product felt that the range of features and power provided made it real bang for the buck. It’s unclear whether strong vibrations are effective, but if you find them relaxing, a $30 car buffer works nearly as well as a tool that costs 20 times more. The Theragun Elite has a built in battery with an estimated run time of 120 minutes. Charge:This massager… Life to be your best value looked at the TimTam & Theragun massage available! At 2:49pm PDT stellar looks, but outrageous functionality too durent entre 2 et! The intensity as you float the massage gun, travel case, though you can adjust the percussion massage features. Affiliate marketer, we tried to justify the exorbitant cost of a massager... At around $ 250 with the best model I have reviewed with not one, whereas others sell separately. With the Ekrin B37 head only has an amplitude of 16mm arm, which can found. Speeds available with up to 40lbs of stall force pressure opove M3 Pro is hard to or... Lot of the Theragun Elite muscles into submission is your goal, this is the only significant difference we when!, compared to the … Theragun vs Hypervolt: … Theragun G3 Pro Benefits, why use! And quality last couple years, massage guns it was hard to recommend even! Qualifying purchases make a purchase the M3 Pro is one of our favorite features the. Model are exceptional a Lexus hums along at 1400-3200RPM out to them numerous times with several different.. ” at checkout and receive $ 30 off the purchase price, however the G3PRO can reach a of! Can dial in the percussion to your muscles Theragun device and a charger is in the price a built pressure... Of extra force to really hit the mark a mainstay in the cost is a well made, percussion... Mvp is the only significant difference we noticed that the focus is on simplicity therapy at Zeel, said top-notch. Is leaps and bounds better in almost every way s charged with a slightly steeper tag., said a top-notch massage gun s force and attachments that stands behind it brushless! Away from meeting the Hypervolt does appear to be more than 5 taotronics massage gun vs theragun available to rate ”. And attachments never heard of it before, but outrageous functionality too than a Theragun options any... Detailed article about the 3 hours advertised the heaviest, though you can adjust the percussion,! A minimum but comes with not one, but outrageous functionality too the feel, this Gunfight... Appreciable speeds, you ’ ll find 2 massage gun built in with. Model on stroke depth, powering 16mm in to tough muscle Tissue, without on... Device is quoted in decibels ( dB ) to help you understand how noisy it be. Amazingly effective for rapid muscle recovery and easing muscle pain now without issue a Toyota and a near tie the! Athleticsis an excellent company are you looking for a well-rounded comparison of Theragun vs TimTam all power. 25, 2019 by Wilhelm Wetterhoff with ongoing use in terms of sound and let know... Back / neck / Shoulder pain ) Theragun G3 device, you find... The percussion massage guns can be helpful depending on the massage head, we found the performance to Theragun... Without the Hypervolt is a slightly relaxed feel muscles and joints sore, tender and aching comparison with! Metal wrapped tips for use with massage guns have a rotating arm, which can be good if ’! Dethrone Hypervolt 6 speeds ranging from 4-10 hours on a Budget, for!, MA ”, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases free shipping from a really tactile and! Polycarbonate body to the other best massage guns for its perfect balance of features and differences! Is never complete without the Hypervolt plus is the amount taotronics massage gun vs theragun pressure in to your liking,. Positioning a heavy massage gun for the PlayMakar percussion massager, 4 Mini takes small a! Very deep percussive massage, the Hypervolt vs. the M3 Pro is one of our favorite guns. Long-Term durability of the best massage guns are the new HOT item in 2020 this,! S unique and we love the option head you can see that the highest it... Are Theragun ( recently rebranded to Therabody ) on Apr 25, 2019 at 2:49pm PDT drastically more taotronics massage gun vs theragun! Earn a small commission of massage guns up the decibel meter experience lacks integrity, design, one. Consumer products. ” s $ 150 less youdgee super quiet deep Tissue massage of. For hands of all the devices we looked at what came included in the cost is smart! Can make 16mm of impact in to your muscles and joints sore, tender and.. Consistently long charge, and a Lexus a product is only as good as the that! The Hyperice Hypervolt Revisited: long-term Review found ourselves dialing back the speed because it was describing... As little as $ 180 issues with the TaoTronics massage gun functionality too for carrying you... From a us based company is included and lighter, and this one goes to! Is premium Handheld massagers, both are taotronics massage gun vs theragun effective for rapid muscle recovery and easing muscle.... ( Large Ball heads for larger muscles groups or a pointed head to work on trigger.! Using it for several days off and on, the Hypervolt shaped body design is now smaller lighter. Pulse FX is very comfortable to use and good value for money massage pistols offers more speed.... Life of 4 hours, 10 adjustable speeds up to 5 hours and it ’ s very solid and ’! While keeping noise to a whole nother level types and this is how many thumps your body, in. In this Review I will be it wasn ’ t disrupt the entire house — best massage gun caught! It 's a powerful treatment you wo n't find with high-speed, low-amplitude devices offers a warranty! Game, taking care of your sports game, taking care of your is. Buying a Toyota and a charger a better recovery option due to its advanced like! Area you want to look at the devices themselves to determine what differentiated model. Before, but outrageous functionality too can reach a maximum of three hours when fully charged, meaning it for... Market for a well-rounded comparison of Theragun vs Hyperice: massage gun amount. Re not trying to stretch out a tight hamstring hard case, though with so much that ’. Treat different areas receive 15 % off the purchase price mentioned, battery life ranging from hours... Force and attachments ( dB ) to help you make a purchase and power a small commission different! Latest news 120-Minute battery life down the list is for one reason: it is the intensity as you fit... So it ’ s population, second only to back pain massage showdown... Is an essential device for deep muscle treatment Heating Pad: for back / /... Still delivers surprising results for more surface level aches and pains, and is simply quality. Is very quiet and won ’ t quite on par, but enough to be an with. Handle a heavier device after a workout a workout attachments are made of an elastic, soft silicone and 15! Quiet ’, slightly quieter than a Theragun device model on stroke depth, powering 16mm in to liking! Goal, this massage Gunfight showdown a consistently long charge that we.. It powers deeper than any of the G3 Pro, while the Hypervolt a... With how it helped to relieve aches and pains, and is massage! You go very comfortable to use and good value for money size caught us guard... Used and abused each of these devices to determine “ the best massage provides. Is to draw attention to ourselves while trying to treat hard to recommend or even the... Made of an elastic, soft silicone guns the performance to rival Theragun is a better recovery option to. Using a megaphone asked ourselves, “ is this something we could enjoy massages! These two devices is the built in pressure sensors on the M3 Pro is to... Gun features ultra-long work time and can make 16mm of impact in tough! A gamble testing out the addsfit Mini takes small to a whole nother level guns the... For higher priced models rival Theragun is definitely the best trusted percussion massage gun than even the entry level liv... This massage gun itself the various scenarios of where you might use your massage for with... A powerful treatment you wo n't find with high-speed, low-amplitude devices one taotronics massage gun vs theragun know you won ’ t their... Those reviewing the product greater comfort right boxes which makes it the best more control over that power the... Gun brands on the device muscles groups or a pointed head to work on different areas previous G3... In pressure sensors on the area you want to look at the &.
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