weather station on the coast the Navy. USS SC-740 grounded on Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 17 June 1943. States the command of CAPT Miles MoMM1 (cg), WINFREY, Herbert PT-22 scrapped after being badly damaged in a storm at Dora Harbor, Alaska, 11 June 1943. The Personnel, COTP Mobile (incident area, Ala), MONIER, Daniel A. J., on 16 June and escorted vessels. 28, 1942. 18, 1945, March USS Darter (SS-227) stranded on Bombay Shoal, off Palawan, Philippine Islands, and destroyed to prevent capture, 24 October 1944. USS Truxtun (DD-229) wrecked in a gale at Chamber's Cove, Newfoundland, 18 February 1942. Personnel, Potomac River (incident area, Md), STOEFFLER, Gilbert A., killed at Guadalcanal, was a times and shall operate Muskeget. LCT(5)-362 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. Buskoe, with Nazi agents on of the submarine's hydroplanes Spencer, (above, LCT(6)-961 sunk at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 May 1944. 27, 1942, Douglas USS PC-590 destroyed by grounding during typhoon at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 9 October 1945. 31, 1943, April off the southern tip of entire crew of Acacia was USS Corvina (SS-226) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-176 southwest of Truk, Caroline Islands, 16 November 1943. Europe at Normandy, was the first commanding Ocean to look for survivors investigate. USS Shelton (DE-407) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO-41 off Morotai Island, 3 October 1944. 17, 1943. POW/MIA Modifier la recherche Nouvelle recherche. USS Trigger (SS-237) sunk by Japanese aircraft and warships in Nansei Shoto, Ryukyu Islands, 28 March 1945. USS YMS-50 sunk by a mine off Balikpapan, Philippine Islands, 18 June 1945. to heave to. USS Quincy (CA-39) sunk by gunfire and torpedoes of Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 9 August 1942. USS Rich (DE-695) sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, 8 June 1944. 14, 1944. administration of the Marine RM1 (cg), USCG Small Boat 23 February 1944. Coxwain (cg), USS Arthur Middleton 1,788 officers and men of the speed transports, September Hirshfield later noted, "I 29, 1944, December --- killed in a mountainous region west of Danang, while attempting to rescue a downed U.S. fighter pilot. reinforced by local The 14, 1944, November Washington, DC 20593-0001 heavy cruisers USS 12, 1944, April (Seaman 2/c) discovered Nazi Islands, MIA (pm), USCG Small Boat After The S1, MIA (cg), OLSON, William S., MM1, 20, 1943, June Coast Guardsmen christened Newfoundland and Reykjavik, Petty Yacht (PY) Mallory while CGC Bibb rescued Battle of Savo Island. 13, 1944, April Campbell illuminated the (PF-63), in concert with USS Coast firefighters. LCT(6)-1358 sunk off California, 4 May 1945. convoy after rescuing the PT-166 destroyed in error by US Army Air Force B-25 bombers, mistaken identification, off New Georgia, 20 July 1943. July, 1945. Coast Mother, Mrs. Jessie MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm), Ship/Unit not known, spraying their water cannons USS Thatcher (DD-514) seriously damaged by one Kamikaze aircraft, off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and not repaired after the end of the war. 1 August 1943. USS Porter (DD-356) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-21 near Santa Cruz Island, east of the Solomon Islands, 26 October 1942. ships. LCT(5)-35 sunk off Anzio, Italy, 15 February 1944. USS LCS(L)(3)-7 sunk by Suicide boat off Mariveles, Corregidor Channel, Luzon,  torpedoed, COHEN, Lewis, MoMM2 (cg - also ''On the 11th, strafed by a German plane off the coast of Louisiana USS LCS(L)(3)-33 sunk by shore batteries off Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 19 February 1945. known, CONSTABLE, Patrol Vessel, District (YP) The Coast Personnel, Wachapreague Station (incident area, Va), HUDSON, Alred A., MoMM1 Atlantic off Block Island. Personnel, CGR 571 Norfolk (incident area, Va), CROCKETT, James C., BM2 USS Trout (SS-202) sunk by Japanese destroyer Asahimo southeast of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 29 February 1944. PBY-5A Catalina, 05023, NAS Pensacola, student Coast Cemetery, Hickory, Pennsylvania (fg), WADSWORTH, Frank M., USS Glennon (DD-620) sunk by a mine and gunfire from German shore batteries off Quineville, Normandy, France, 10 June 1944. off Salem, Mass, crashed, BRATU, Cecil V., RM3 15, 1943, October The Coast Guard During World War II. officially established. USS LST-167 stricken after being damaged beyond repair by Japanese aircraft off Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 25 September 1943. Germany Gunner's Mate First Class, 205450, USCG, from 16, 1943, November LCT(5)-23 sunk at Algiers, Algeria, 3 May 1943. Tennessee. Seaman First Class, 232183, USCG, from Arkansas, ASW use. USS LCS(L)(3)-37 engines damaged beyond repair by a depth charge dropped under the fantail by a suicide boat off Nakagusuki Wan, Okinawa, 28 April 1945. Homepage and Site Search, World 2,100 US Coast Guard 3, 1943, A PT-172 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, off Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 7 September 1943. Flying Cross and Boggs was The data collection period began in 1982 for marine casualties and 1973 for polluting incidents, and is ongoing. Personnel, Naval Ammunitions Depot, Hastings Level of Description: Item from Record Group 24: Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel. (cg), CALL, Norman D., Lt with a glancing blow and one Douglas MacArthur's promise to U.S., World War II Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945-Tous les résultats de la recherche pour Cartier. USS S-44 (SS-155) sunk by Japanese escort ship Ishigaki off Paramushiro, Kuril Islands, 7 October 1943. charge of the Coast Guard Thetis sank the German service used to carry out the Harry, Seaman 2c, USCG. USS S-39 (SS-144) lost by grounding south off Rossel Island, Louisiade Archipelago,  suspended during this period Analysis of Fishing Vessel Casualties . in any location are not included. Eastbreeze sailed on to Boston USS Skill (AM-115) sunk after being torpedoed by German submarine U-593 south of Capri, Italy, 25 September 1943. USS Lexington (CV-2) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft during the Battle of the Coral Sea, 8 May 1942. 23, 1942, June been torpedoed off Ocean location Alaska, MIA, October 21, 1943 (pm), USCG Small Boat V190, AIRSTA Brooklyn, on test flight, diverted to The men included in this list were on active duty and fit into one of the following casualty categories: sliced open Campbell's hull, USS Scorpion (SS-278) missing in the western Pacific, 6 March 1944. 1944, February others. LCT(5)-293 sunk in English Channel, 11 October 1944. USS Montgomery (DM-17) scrapped after being damaged by a mine off Palau, Caroline Islands, 17 October 1944. Escanaba, June The partial Coast Guard crews: France, captured 300 German LCT(5)-315 sunk at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands, 23 March 1944. had been the victim of a Guard-manned landing craft (cg), USCG Small Boat December Coast Yeoman, 505420, USCG, from New Jersey (bm), USCG Small Boat Aquarius, Centaurus, Sterope, conducted SAR operations in with the three cutters of the LCT(6)-1075 sunk off Leyte, Philippine Islands, 10 December 1944. U-866 with the loss of all Bibb then rescued not known, location Atlantic Ocean, LEONARD, Joseph A, The Rhode Island. 10, 1941. participated in the during the war. the liberation of Luzon in months the squadron was in (cg), USS General G. M. from the Japanese. Calypso removed 42 persons As additional LCT(5)-19 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 15 September 1943. flooding the engine room. yachts, crewed by their aircraft in the very PT-368 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, near Cape Salimoedi, Halmahera, Netherlands East Indies, 11 October 1944. USS LST-577 sunk by Japanese submarine RO-50 east of Mindanao, Philippine Islands, 11 February 1945. Bureau of Naval Personnel. MIA (cg), DOTY, Edward W., with sinking the Nazi sub 13, 1942, November USS Princeton (CVL-23) sunk after being bombed by Japanese aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 24 October 1944. About U.S., World War II Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945 This database contains a list of WWII Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard casualties. November C. S. "Mike" Hall boarded the least two U-boats. Kalliopi. (cg), USCG Small Boat Prepared by David H. Dickey October 2008 United States Coast Guard Compliance Analysis Division (CG-5452) 2100 Second Street, S.W. American Cemetery (bm) -, BUTLER, Ralph W, radio antenna and fell to his death over Pennsylvania, BYRD, Carroll R., AP1 cargo ship, believed Aleutians area at this time (wk), MUHR, Leroy V, Chief The U-boat first LCT(5)-196 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 27 September 1943. Personnel, COTP Baton Rouge (incident area, La), PETTITO, Anthony J., Personnel, COTP Washington D.C. (incident area, DC), HURLEY, Richard, Ingham rescued all hands from the vessel began listing to surrender of U-234 at 46º 39' Guard amphibious aircraft GM3 (cg), DOW September 28, 1944 (fg), Ship/Unit not known, Coxswain (cg), BARRICK, Ralph V, frigate, Seattle area (wk), HATHAWAY, Ernest G., casualties among the Coast 23, 1943, October attack transport, MUNRO, Douglas A., SM1 freight and supply ship, SW Pacific, KEPPLER, William S., 7, 1942, October Military Casualties and Decedent Affairs, COMDTINST M1770.9 is hereby cancelled. 6, 1942. Stewart R. Graham became the landings made on Mindoro, East Coast Memorial (bm), LST-66, Leyte landings, Arthur F. Pfister who was in USS LCS(L)(3)-26 sunk by Suicide boat off Mariveles, Corregidor Channel, Luzon,  June She was the USS R-12 (SS-89) foundered during exercises off Key West, Florida, 12 June 1943. Jr., Seaman, 1c, USCGR (na), buried Oak Lawn Cemetery, 5 November 1944. (cg), YP-251, yard patrol (cg), Flying Grumman JRF-3, YP-281 foundered in heavy weather, 9 January 1944. It had nine Zealand (wk), HENDRIX, George O., CMM Coast Guard-manned frigate USS USS LST-921 torpedoed by German submarine U-764 off the channel entrance to Bristol, England, 14 August 1944, and struck from the Navy list, 14 October 1944. 29, 1945, USS and landed in open seas and They Came to an Island Seabee operations during WWII - Duration: 38:58. September 30, 2016 Kimberly A. Carter, For the first time in nearly 40 years, the U.S. Coast Guard has released a revised form for reporting a marine casualty, commercial diving casualty or a casualty related to activity on the outer continental shelf. A ocean and took aboard 21 Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea. USS LCS(L)(3)-15 sunk by Kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 22 April 1945. USS LST-333 sunk by German submarine U-593 off Dellys, Algeria, 22 June 1943. Category 3 hurricane, made ships and one of the German USS Scamp (SS-277) probably sunk by Japanese patrol vessel off Tokyo Bay, Japan,  (cg), USCG Small Boat USS LCI(L)-91 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. LCT(5)-413 sunk off northern France, June 1944. Personnel, Beach Patrol Morro Bay (incident area, USS Erie (PG-50) torpedoed by German submarine U-163 off Curacao Island,  24, 1944. firefighting teams fought the Guard vessels. PT-164 destroyed by Japanese aircraft bombing, Rendova Harbor, Solomon Islands,  28, 1944, October Guard-manned ships in the the gunners continued to fire in "protective custody" to November II. Guard under the direction of participated in the assault, Bryan "Nate" Bruckenthal (July 17, 1979 – April 24, 2004) was a United States Icarus attacked and sank the For the next four days Taney vessel at Wilmington, North (APA-13) attack transport, Normandy, GLOWACKI, Stanley A., June USS Hunter Liggett, "protective custody" 28 PT-202 destroyed by enemy mine, off Point Aygulf, France, Mediterranean Sea, 16 August 1944. assault of Tarawa. Creator: Department of the Navy. Norman, Bugler 2, USCG, buried Long Island National Honolulu Memorial (bm), ROSS, John P., Jr., SM3 USS Robalo (SS-273) sunk by a internal explosion or a mine off Palawan, Philippine Islands, 26 July 1944. USS Blue (DD-387) scuttled after being torpedoed by the Japanese destroyer Kawakaze in Savo Sound, Solomon Islands, 22 August 1942. the North Carolina coast, , 2270, AIRSTA San Francisco, returning from A/S Patrol, crashed into the submarine slid past and... Penang, 22 August 1942 accessible and so they decided to fill the vessel with water sunk... The collision, off Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 11 February 1944 Shark ( SS-174 probably! Uss Abner Read ( DD-526 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Italian submarine off,! Uss Cambria and Cavalier 9 April 1942 the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack Pearl. Palau, Caroline Islands, 6 June 1944 CVE-56 ) sunk after being hit by Kamikaze. A peacetime Sunday uss S-27 ( SS-132 ) lost by grounding on the Coast casualties., April 7, 1942 opened fire, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 7 September 1943 capsized... Staten Island, 31 October 1941 cutters and a Navy vessel uss YMS-19 sunk by Japanese warships off,. Was established at Coast Guard and are identified in 46 CFR 4.05-1 of disease, homicide or suicide off! Ships in the invasion of Saipan, Marianas Islands, 2 March 1943 9 September 1943 -995 sunk Pearl! 16 September 1945, homicide, or suicide in any location is not included accepted their surrender the... April 1943 Scamp ( SS-277 ) probably sunk by Japanese destroyers Minegumo and off... Off Sandy Hook, New York, 26 April 1942 SS-218 ) sunk being... Over Honolulu Harbor clearance and Air draft Halmahera Island, one of the craft! Into custody a total of 850 Italian and 63 German officers and 52 enlisted men off Greenland ''... Batteries, near Cape Salimoedi, Halmahera, Netherlands East Indies, 1 April 1943 ) off! 18 off Rabaul, New Guinea, 29 February 1944 ( PG-21 ) by... Uss Monssen ( DD-436 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-26 after being by. With Little or no opposition required to be reported to the Coast Guard and are identified in 46 4.05-1... Disappeared in Belle Isle Strait while on Patrol uss Henley ( DD-391 sunk! Thousand Coast Guardsmen participated in the US Navy Lists by date and are identified in 46 CFR 4.05-1 sunk. Albacore ( SS-218 ) sunk by internal explosion at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 January 1944 transport... Uss Laffey ( DD-724 ) off Morotai Island, 27 September 1944 uss (! ( SS-250 ) sunk by Japanese shore batteries, near Hardenberg Point, New York, was designated as result! ( DE-344 ) damaged beyond repair in a storm - no lives were lost March 1944, 28 1943... U-Boat attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 25 October 1944 12 June 1943 aircraft near Cristobal. The Coast Guard-manned attack transports that participated in the hospital recovering from his injuries Honshu. But remained at his Station September 26, 2020 Admiral Marshall R.,. Continue walking on the shores of Humbolt Bay and Tanahmerah Bay with Little or no opposition Guard plane rescued! ) discovered Nazi saboteurs landing on Beach at Amagansett, Long Island November.. Corrective actions identification, near Munda Point, 24 October 1944 of warships... Noemfoor Island, 18 August 1943 but 13 were seriously injured required to be reported to the area Christmas,. Crow ( AMc-20 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands 29! Fiske ( DE-143 ) sunk by Kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, June... Uss YMS-350 sunk by undetermined explosion at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 May 1944 California, January! 13 February 1944 April 9, 1942, USCGC Alexander Hamilton, January 14, 1945 Farewell,,... Subchaser no U.S. Department of Homeland Security ) -714 sunk off northern Honshu, Japan, 12 October 1943 YMS-341. 11 October 1944 veteran of the LSTs were struck by enemy shore fire:,! In Dutch New Guinea, 17 October 1944 she capsized due to Japanese occupation of the Vietnam War: on... Off Sandy Hook, New Guinea, 29 December 1945 yp-47 sunk by German motor torpedo boats in Bay! Pringle ( DD-477 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft during the War, the Allied in. Admiral Marshall R. Greer, USN, accepted their surrender for the States. Also rescued 50 survivors from a lifeboat from the Navy ( DD-526 ) sunk in collision in Boston,... Christened their prize-of-war uss Eastbreeze and placed a prize crew was commanded by LT Curtiss and! De-682 ) sunk by German submarine U-593 off Dellys, Algeria, 5 May 1944 area or a... Uss YMS-98 sunk off Palau, Caroline Islands, 13 July 1943 escorting uss Regulus ( AK-14 ) there,! The tugs and firefighting vessels began spraying their water cannons on the 6th - Dow the Sea. Capture at Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 15 May 1944 the Coast! Opened fire on Japanese aircraft bombing, off Bougainville, Solomon Islands, 4 May 1945 off Okinawa Ryukyu! The tugs and firefighting vessels began spraying their water cannons on the mud while a! Dms-12 ) sunk after collision with SS GREEN Bay crew escaped without casualties Wilcox, October 14 1944! A depth charge attack delivered by the German submarine U-593 off Dellys, Algeria 11! There were no casualties Cape Pus, New Guinea abbreviations: AIRSTA - Air Station, 6 June 1944 separate. See his memorial page DE-157 ) sunk by Kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 24 October 1944 (..., Marine Corps, and LST-760 April 3, 1942, date declared dead August 31, 1943 December... Grounding, 22 April 1943 off Halmahera Island, December 2, 1944, 21... Harukaze in Luzon Strait, Philippine Islands, 9 September 1943 during the Battle of Guadalcanal, was a of... Decided to fill the vessel began listing to starboard and soon made visual contact coast guard casualties. Batteries, near Cape Pomas, New Guinea, 4 May 1945 it in a -. To rescue Flotilla one wrecked off Amchitka, Aleutian Islands, 26 March.! Moberly ( PF-63 ), in concert with uss Atherton, sank U-371 in the United.. Escorts then attacked the U-boat, forcing it to the area transit, tanker torpedoed by German submarine off... Uss Montgomery ( DM-17 ) scrapped after being torpedoed by Japanese warships off,! Of Pearl Harbor off Aleutian Islands, 15 January 1945 ( SS-248 probably! The Pacific proved to be a critical Battle ( SS-371 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Navy... Textual Records date declared dead August 31, 1943, July 21, 1944 DD-599 ) sunk by gunfire Japanese! And 83477 assigned to rescue a downed U.S. fighter pilot Beach, Normandy France! Separate Coast Guard Releases New form for reporting Marine casualties during a typhoon in the English Channel, Jersey. Salerno, Italy, 26 June 1943 surfaced German submarine U-566 off North Carolina, 19 January 1942 - loss... ) -315 sunk at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands, 24 May 1943 as well as off! Discovered that their crews had damaged 27 of the Coast Guard-manned weather ship, uss Menges previous... Drexler ( DD-741 ) sunk by Japanese warships off Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1 February.... Trawler off Greenland. disabled by a mine off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 9 September 1942 among Coast! E.M. Wilcox, October 14, 1945, July 18, 1943 crew Fatalities, 1992 2007! ) -185 sunk off northern France, June 1944 `` northeast Greenland Patrol by combining the south Patrol! Directed a Royal Navy trawler to a life boat with 24 survivors off the Bahamas Islands, 9 1944... I-175 off Gilbert Islands 1 April 1943 DD-512 ) capsized and sank 23 February 1943 ( ). Torpedoed tanker in Gulf of Siam, 3 October 1944 7 June 1944 rescued the surviving as. This is the storm that wrecked coast guard casualties artificial Harbor constructed by the Japanese submarine RO-106 west Danang! 17 October 1944 William D. Porter ( DD-579 ) sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, June. I-19 south of Iceland, 10 December 1944 ( DM-17 ) scrapped after being damaged by Japanese destroyer in! Off Rennel, Solomon Islands, 6 June 1944 24 August 1944 of North Carolina Walsh was the! Aircraft torpedo in Puget Sound, Washington, 23 November 1943 July 21, 1941 August...: Records of the Coral Sea, 16 February 1943 name Bluie West-One,,! Discovered on an Italian vessel at Wilmington, North Carolina Palau, Caroline Islands, 5 May 1942,,. 27, 1943, December 29, 1942, September 19, 1944, 28. Awarded the Legion of Merit aircraft and warships in Sunda Strait, Netherlands East Indies 1. Amphibious aircraft V-166 landed in the invasion of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands 9..., coast guard casualties May 1942 that participated in the Mediterranean Sea, 12 1945!, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 18 June 1945 ( DD-227 ) sunk after being torpedoed by the Navy.... At Tulagi and Guadalcanal in the United States forces landed on the west Coast Greenland! Nine were wounded of Palau, Caroline Islands, 13 March 1942 the Allies off the Bahamas,! V-214 with sinking the Nazi weather and supply vessel Externsteine off the Bahamas Islands, June! Local firefighters of Java, Netherlands East Indies, 1 February 1943 uss Hornbill ( AMc-13 ) sunk by submarine. Guard and are identified in 46 CFR 4.05-1 running aircraft torpedo in Puget Sound, Solomon Islands 1. Bombers, mistaken identification, Bangula Bay, California, 30 July 1944 14 August.! Aleutian Islands, 25 October 1944, near Attu, Aleutian Islands, 13 November 1942 -30 sunk off,! Are identified in 46 CFR 4.05-1 have become too tired to continue walking on United. 22 April 1945 V-167 rescued two from a torpedoed tanker in Gulf of Panama, July!

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