But most handheld massager’s battery removal requires a lot of effort. - An app with preset programs so you don't have to worry if you are doing something wrong. The Theragun Pro is the latest in a line of Theragun Smart Percussive Therapy Devices, and it packs a punch. Setup is very easy… just slide a battery in and press the button to turn on the Theragun. But the same as G3Pro, Elite, and Prime, there is no good placement option for attachments inside the box. • Thumb My talking points So in conclusion let's sum up some of the pros and cons on this product. about 50% quieter than the previous gen. (a little bit louder than an electric toothbrush). We have separate in-depth guides, comparing Theragun Pro with all other brands competitive and individual high-end massagers. We were expecting a more significant upgrade in these, as Theragun calls this a Professional grade massager. Moving over to the product, once connected to the app, there was a product software update that was required to cycle through. - Incredibly useful ergonomic triangle-shaped handle I've been on the fence about getting one for a while now, and wondered about the real benefits of owning one. Theragun PRO Review: A Closer Look at the Super-Expensive Percussion Massager Gun Percussion massagers are becoming more and more popular with many people using them for a whole host of benefits that traditional electric massagers are unable to provide. The app is simple to use and is very intuitive. The Theragun Pro massage gun is an expensive product and it certainly feels that way as soon as you hold it in your hand. I continued use every other day until I started to feel better. It seemed to work well in most instances however, when trying to get my upper back, I couldn't really find a good angle this would work in. PROS: ExoGun is a cordless, state-of-the-art percussion massage device that helps me recover quicker and reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts. I have not been disappointed. Yes. TheraGun G3 vs G3Pro Review 2021 – TheraGun Massagers are popular among the customers due to the best-in-class percussive therapy and massage.And if you have arrived here, then possibly you are confused between TheraGun G3 and G3 Pro. It … I also turned on the Theragun when the family was watching a movie and no one even looked up, so I was able to use it for 30 min while we watched a movie without annoying anyone. Theragun Review: What Is Percussive Therapy And Does It Work? Theragun Pro for both these people will prove the best option. - You get a cool looking carrying/storage case. Contrary to this, Theragun’s biggest competitors are offering higher values. PRO Professional-grade Elite Premium Prime Simplified mini Ultra-portable PRODUCT(RED) Special edition 24K Gold PRO Special edition Compare Devices See All Devices. After my first use I gained back around 60-70% of my mobility and and my pain went from a excruciating 10 to a semi manageable 4. But it does cost extra money without providing any benefit. The arm, on the other hand, can adjust at four different positions. After using it on my legs for about 10 minutes, I could already feel better. Anybody who wants an upgrade from the previous version, especially G3, and G3 Pro, or from some other massager we classify them as Professionals. Like any smart devices, you should be careful by not switching off or disabling the Bluetooth when firmware is in progress. I also immediately downloaded the Theragun app to customize the use of the Theragun for specific activities and for specific muscle groups. Still, the app updates, probably, after two or three updates, it will be possible to control the massager via the app completely. After self percussive message with this new PRO it was an amazing relief. It took a lot of pressure to reach the stall speed of the unit, probably more than you would use in general use. This causes her much pain and limits how much she is able to walk. 2.5 hrs life; 75 min. The arm is adjustable which allows you to grip it different ways and to hit different body parts. To change the attachments, just place the finger on each side of the attachment at the tip of the rotating arm and slightly pull off and replace the desired one. After the noise, this is the most exciting thing about the 4th Generation massagers. Upper back, Lower back, Wellness, Knots, Carpal tunnel, Walk, Neck, Hamstrings, Feet, Sleep. Leg muscles felt looser and just felt better. The Theragun Pro is truly a top-of-the-line massage gun, perfect for any athlete who needs the best recovery or for a working physical therapist. But compared with other high-end models like Pulse Fx, and Hypvolt, Theragun Pro feels a lot more premium. Review: Theragun PRO Percussive Therapy device August 10, 2020 by Andy Tomlinson Over the last couple of years, advertising for recovery products has grown rapidly with brands claiming to help you recover faster, left, right and centre. You can start the routine with the app and it gives you guidance as you use them. There are six antimicrobial attachments that offer a range of pin point pressure treatments. All of this AWESOMENESS fits inside a high-quality semi-hard shelled travel case and attachment bag to make it the ultimate travel companion! Unlike many other massagers, just push the button on the bottom, apply a little force, and the battery will pop out. I was also disappointed that I could not reduce the speed of the Theragun when inside of a session in the app. Thergun Pro also weighs less than other massager plus the adjustable massaging head and unique design really made giving yourself a massage just so much easier. The new Theragun Pro 4 is the latest percussive massage device from the Therabody company. - The app adds nice features, and packs unlimited potential for the future use of the Theragun I have a tendency to play with things first and then read the directions so after I played with this for a while, I popped open the booklet and saw that there is an app to download that will walk you through setting it up, creating presets and downloading routines. I probably prefer the hypervolt because it’s much quieter, better battery, and close to 1/2 the price. in the carrying case including the 2 rechargeable batteries. Yes, it is worth it. It does what it says, but it might not be what you need. The firmware update took several minutes. Ultimately, the gun is not quiet per se, but it is not loud by any means. However, this this is kind of heavy and it is not as easy to massage your own back. You can choose to grant access depending on privacy preferences. The Theragun Elite is surprisingly compact, a little smaller than a standard hair dryer, and much less cumbersome than a foam roller. The adjustable arm is very useful along with the economic grip for reaching all areas of the body with just one hand. I really think this is a great tool for athletes as well as those who have aches and pains throughout their bodies. There are 10 options to select your routine in the app. The Theragun Pro is quieter than previous models. While the noise isn't too bad it doesn't bother me, I feel like it is an improvement and I am happy with the loudness it has. Though this 4th Generation massager has slightly less weight than its immediate predecessor, it weighs almost the same as the last two generations in the bigger picture. Starting from the most to least expensive, we have the flagship Theragun Pro ($599), the Theragun Elite ($399), the Theragun Prime ($299), and the peculiar wedge-shaped Theragun Mini ($199). But is it still worth it now that I feel better? This particular model came with six total attachments for different types of pressure or different areas of your body, two batteries, a charger and a sturdy carrying case. They make it so you can position it many different ways so you don't have to depend on another person to get your back or neck. Battery life is doubled per "mag" up from 75mins on the G3PRO. They charged in a little over an hour or so after arriving almost completely dead… not unusual but wanted to note it for someone who wants to use it IMMEDIATELY for something that ales them. Read complete Disclosure. Software update underway message on the phone app and the display bar on the device will let you know the progress and once done it will display software update complete on the app and the device switches off automatically to let is ready to use. Theragun review: we tried the 4th generation pro device to see if it's massage capabilities were up to scratch for athletes, but also office workers. I like the way it looks in general. • Standard Ball This SuperSoft attachment feels highly spongy and suitable for users that need a type of soft tissue therapy. Overall, the Theragun Pro is a phenomenal tool for athletes, and for general care and relaxation. -Love the travel case! Setup. Although the PRO model cost a lot more than the Theragun middle Elite model or most other massagers on the market, the PRO is worth the price based on the extra battery, longer warranty, adjustable head, digital data, and increased power. Individually, we consider both of these values good enough for a deep tissue massage. Enter the Theragun - we never thought this would help us as much as it has! Noise Level. Theragun. This is the Mack Daddy of fitness gadgets. I recommend trying that attachment on quads, hamstring, and calves for runners who like to reduce their recover time after endurance runs. This PRO model is much quieter (55%) than the previous generation and uses a quiet force technology for a professional grade power to treat muscle soreness. I’m hopeful in the next version, the theragun is made quieter. Thus, in the basic massaging, we don’t see any significant difference from previous Theraguns. Massagegunadvice.com © 2020. They are timed and you can adjust the speed and pressure and you get feedback from the app. Alone having a removable battery option is a good point for portability. Since most people find it the biggest drawback of G3Pro, there was a dire need for this. Its portable and not cumbersome via carrying case. The soft, rounded edges and ergonomic grip may have a … The Theragun Pro comes with the standard Theragun Case, the same as G3Pro and Elite. This flagship model weighs about 3 lbs. The attachment heads have their own carrying pouch. My wife says she couldn't even hear it in the next room. It does sync with health data but I believe it is just Apple Health at this time. WEIGHT This falls on the high end on the price range and is well built to last for years. From the get go, I downloaded the companion app, simply because having never used a product like this, I wanted to do it right. And then my wife bought me one. I wouldn’t suggest you use it in bed while your spouse is asleep because it does vibrate quite a bit, even at its lowest setting. This beats my other devices on performance specially the speed, the amplitude, and the force it offered. Very minimalist approach but very nice looking. Once the account is created, and verified you are all set. I use it now to stay in good working condition but after my recovery I now use it on relatives for everything like arthritis, post workout, after playing competitive sports, daily aches and pains, growing pains, increasing circulation, headache/migraine, heel pain, neck pain, back pain, leg pain. Casual fitness enthusiasts and pro athletes alike have been reaping the benefits of massage guns, but one percussion massager has dominated the conversation: Theragun. And the answer is YES. Mainly depending upon the battery life and options, the massager can be considered a great portable device. Looks like there aren't enough negative mentions yet. The weight of the Theragun was never brough up by the family, including my wife and teen daughter, indicating to me that the weight is not an issue at all. Since Theragun wants you to keep upgrading the massage gun, they have added ProCare to Compensate for warranty and also serve for the upgrade. The device shipped with the “Dampener” attachment, so I started with that. Alternatively, if you’re in love with the Theragun Elite, but hate the price, they do offer the Prime and mini models too. Super easy to use. A bonus is that the kit contains two batteries, so you can use the device continually. lesser than G3 PRO) and measures 10 in x 7.1 in x 3 in compared to 10.4 in x 7.8 in x 2.75 in on G3 PRO. I went through about 4 difference massagers before settling on this one. But since many massagers are already out there with such options, it’s just a rudimentary upgrade. But two points are worthy to note here. We all became excited when Therabody launched its first-generation G1 in 2016. Rebecca. All of these attachments are super easy to remove but sticks firmly to the arm. Afterwards, I started to wonder, was $700 worth it? I like how it comes with many different attachements to hit every region from arms, back to calves. Also, when you get into weird angles, the device can be awkward to hold sometimes. I switched to handheld massager/percussion guns which were more durable and offered the deep muscle stimulation that immediately reduced muscle tension and soreness after my runs. Also there a app you can download that can help you through different routines based on your needs. Like the first two generations, Theragun has maintained the 3rd Generation design in the 4th Generation models. ... or your may be better off with a dedicated back massager or the Theragun Pro… The price of the product is pretty high compared to others but what you're getting with the quality of build, components, and technology this thing will last a very long time, I highly recommend this product to anyone who has thought about getting one, it works well for massages for friends and loved ones too. Passing around the TheraGun amongst my coworkers, many of them felt the TheraGun was more powerful and intense compared to the Hypervolt—even at its highest setting, the … Things I like: It is 6mins of muscle loosening just before bed. -Motor is SUPER QUIET compared to other devices I have used; especially compared to the Gen3 PRO. The one thing I can’t understate is how powerful this little thing is. I kept seeing theragun pro in my Instagram timeline ads and listened to the relief it brought others. - Lithium-ion Battery Charger and Battery Cradle Performance (5/5): The adjustable speed and ability to run pre-programmed settings (varying speed) is a big plus for muscle recovery (specially my Quads, Hamstrings and Calves). Compared to previous versions, and 4th generation counterparts, battery life has got better in this. Is the Theragun a gamechanger for supporting your training? The arm can be adjusted to 4 different positions to help you to reduce any strain to your arms, wrists, and hands. Powerful massage with clever technology to improve your treatment. In our opinion, Theragun has succeeded in providing noise-cancellation in 4th Generation massagers. The first one is the app control. Although it is only 5-7 DB less than Theragun G3Pro, it feels a lot less due to the smoothness in sound. You aren't going to find a product that does that silently. It is a semi-hard shell case with places for two batteries and storage in the pocket. I wish they would have designed the main carrying case to also carry them AND the battery charger and cables. I did try the lower back option for myself and it was absolutely incredible. The OLED screen has a good contrast to easily see the setting selected. I have iPhone 11 and it immediately asked if I would like to allow access to apple health app. The question is, … - Travel Pouch for the Attachments (which is separate from the carrying case) You can adjust the PPM’s, but even at its lowest setting of 1750 PPM’s, you still get a really good amount of pressure. I like to start with low speed and gradually let the program increase the speed in steps to the max setting and step it down. Summary of TheraGun Pro Review with Rating: Theragun officially changed its name to Therabody. But one unique to Theragun Pro is “SuperSoft.” It is attached via velcro to the holder that helps to insert it over the arm. I am thoroughly impressed by the Theragun Pro and looking to pick up the mini massager for travel, and eagerly waiting to test their vibrating foam roller. When linking the product to it, it crashed twice. I used it continuously for 35 mins in one session and didn't see any issues with the gun getting hot, which was a major complaint on my other device, and I let others use it after I was done. Having a custom speed option puts you in the lead by setting it according to your muscles. However, there is a nice soft foam head that is perfect for my mom. The … The Theragun Pro is a must have, with all the features you would need. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who can afford it. -Battery Life is rated at 150mins per battery which this kit provides two. The Theragun Pro features adjustable speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute), adjustable percussion angles to use it effectively on any part of your body, one pre-loaded program that rotates through all the speeds continuously, lots of attachments, and a good app. Charging time on batteries is fairly quick I'd say. After using one, I think so. The other thing this device has that no other massage gun I have used before is an app that you can use alongside with it, you can do firmware updates and select different routines to use and store up to three different presets so you don't have to use your phone if you don't want to. Theragun Pro Review. - The app should include more routines and other programs for injury recovery, pre-workout routines for specific sports, post-workout for specific sports, etc. This product falls in the high end of the price range on the massagers I current own. We’ll be more than glad to help you. Generally a good massage can take care of it. I definitely think this is a great machine and I would highly recommend it. Also, the LCD screen does show how much force you are applying on the muscle which is a gently reminder me to back off when I get close to tender muscles/bony areas, but would like to use the full power on my shoulders and back muscles. This review might be slightly extensive. - Adjustable speeds allow you to use the Theragun for pre-workout, post-workout, injury recovery, relaxation, etc. She uses the device on my shoulders and upper back and the tension just melts away! Speed options improved, especially with the app. The app continued to be buggy as I tapped from screen to screen. After just a few brushes, I could tell a difference in the clean feeling. ERGONOMIC DESIGN According to Theragun, you can expect the following benefits with regular use: Improved flexibility Theragun has been the most popular percussion massagers among my fellow athletes and I owned a different brand. The attachments are able to be cleaned easily and just I can't get over how amazing and comfortable they feel. You can definitely tell the new Pro is way quiter than the previous model. Nothing serious, just getting older. To start with, this is the first time I've used a product like this. In our opinion, Theragun has succeeded in providing noise-cancellation in 4th Generation massagers. Charge one while you are using another, and the charges last a very long time. Free with PRO purchase: 30-day app subscription to VARIIS digital fitness classes and Percussive Therapy Live Digital Course taught by Theragun Master Trainers. Now I don’t need to request my wife to massage my back after long workouts in garden or heavy lifting. In case you don’t know about speeds, many new percussion massagers offer ranges from 1200 to 3200 Rpms, even affordable ones. Though I feel like you don't even need 2, they are both good to have. Most of the buyers often have the same confusion while buying a reliable massager for them. Once downloaded, you need to create a new account (even for existing theragun users) due to new app integration that works with this model. - 2 Year Limited Warranty There are other new versions of Theragun with a lower price tag for less serious users. Once that was done, I picked up the unit and began to try it out. I needed a solution that was immediate and effective in stopping the cramp. This device can be customized for different speed settings which is really just 5 speeds but the only thing I would want is maybe for it to go slower but the speeds are perfect. As advertised on their website, Its not much more of a cost. Theragun - PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Gun with Travel Case - Black, Theragun - PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Gun with Travel Case - RED. It is the design that makes it an ergonomic percussion massager. We stand by PRO's professional-grade durability with an industry-leading 2-year warranty. - 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries (approx. The Elite, like the Pro … For In-depth analysis we recommend, reading those. The Therabody app offers the ability to program my own routines (2 new settings). It comes with 2 batteries with a total run time of 300 minutes. While the app is well made and it easily connected with the Theragun, I was a little disappointed with the “routine” offerings within the app. If you press the button too long, it will fire into life straight away into one of it's 3 optional pre-programmed routines. This is after only a short period so as I get to use this progressively more and more, I have no doubt that my muscles will thank me for this thing. I had been eyeing one of these for a while now, but never pulled the trigger. Awsome product....really works good...effective...I like it very much and feels a nice buy for me. My mother who has arthritis cannot use massagers because her bones are sensitive and they hurt whenever a massager it used. Retails $599 usd. The packaging is very professional and clean and almost made me want to do an unboxing video. Using Bluetooth, the app can control the gun turning it on and off for your timed routines. Detailed Theragun Prime Review: The Price Trend of Massage guns is shifting more towards mid-rangers. The total package is everything you need; battery life is amazing; and the noise level is unobtrusive for most situations. However, I have not yet been able to test the massager on a cramp. The ergonomic triangle-shaped handle allows many different grips to position the Theragun just write; this is one of the greatest features of this tool. To start, I received this product and was amazed at the quality of packaging, I love the feel of the travel case as well as the build quality and feel of everything else included. Theragun Prime is the updated version of Theragun Liv, in terms of price and features. But if the price is no issue, and you want to know, “Will it be worth it if I purchase A TheraGun Pro?” So, the answer is. Theragun Pro [inappropriately called G4Pro] is the 4th generation and the Therabody’s new Flagship model. It was a little heavier than expected. The Theragun Pro is what you get if you’re the captain of the swole patrol. The charging cable will fit in there, but at the risk of scratching up your Theragun, there isn't a dedicated pocket for it. The first one is to the previous flagship G3Pro, and second is to 4th Generation massage guns. The machine feels very sturdy and professional in the hands and it’s not too heavy. It is roomy and spacious for everything needed. It comes with a rugged carrying case. Now this is their high-end model so I was expecting something a bit more unique and different. Theragun Pro: 2.9lbs (1.3kg) Hydragun: 2.3lbs (1kg) The Theragun Pro weighs a bit more than the Hydragun. If you are a serious athletic or just train hard, you know the value of taking care of your body and this is an investment in YOU. There is not to say about Built-Quality as Theragun almost keeps a high focus on this. -The one and only con I have for this one is the weight. The Hyperice Hypervolt and Theragun G3Pro are two of the best-selling recovery tools on the market right now. - Several attachments. Right away I could feel the power this thing has. • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries • Protective Carrying Case Also, check for new firmware update from the app after initial setup. This has a pivoting head which goes from a 90 degree angle to 180 degree angle (flat). Read more about our team. Included batteries have little juice and would need charging. Home » Massage Gun Reviews » Theragun PRO Percussive Massager While it mostly retains the same great look as the previous model, the Theragun PRO is vastly superior in performance and options. Given the lack of routines in the app, I turned to YouTube which has a ton of videos on how to use it on different muscles, so that was an easy fix until the app improves. After the first use I was in tears, not from pain for the first time but from relief. If you’re not aware of massage guns or simply purchasing your first massage guns, we recommend looking for other massage guns. The battery recharge time from dead is about 75 min. The app also keeps the Theragun software up to date, with two completed updates in just the first week of ownership. Upon turning on the Theragun for the first time, noise level never crossed my mind, which leads me to think that the noise level in general is widely acceptable. Therefore, we kept this review profoundly simple. One thing to note is that the device is not quiet, but it isn't 'loud'. What’s in the Box? Also though some affordable and high-end massage guns offer up to 20 or 30 speeds, Theragun pro has beaten them all. Also, the brand will cover for the one-year repairing cost or even replace the device if the problem doesn’t solve.With the ProCare, you will also get a one-time 35% off on future purchases. No Doubt, Therabody Creates best massage guns in the market. i bought this item for my son and he liked the performance of it. Moreover, such a minimum weight can be neglected if you’re getting all other things right. Battery life, as well as the extra battery option, improved. And with two batteries included, you're sure to have power whenever you need it. The pain in my spine started to make me nauseous. • Dampener Also, a charging dock is new that allows you to charge the massager without removing the battery. All of them are the same as other Theragun Models. - Theragun Pro Cons: HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Keeping this thing in mind, Therabody focuses more on providing Quality Features at a comparatively affordable price. After that I switched the attachment to the thumb attachment to go after my lower back pain. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. So no quick charge and go. Summarizing Design and Built-Quality in one line, “Both are worth the price.”. They are also deciding to discontinue their all-time famous G3Pro; only this percussion massager can prove a substitute for that. That’s the Theragun Pro sitting at the top-end, followed by the mid-range models Theragun Elite and Theragun Prime, and then with an entry-level, portable option called the Theragun Mini. Ergonomics (5/5): I like the adjustable arm which offers full body reach without compromising on its power and the ability to use different attachments at various angles. Layout of buttons is similar to TV remotes for selection with Ok button in the center to ON/OFF and off and 4 arrow buttons for navigating. This unit is built for serious athletes who are looking for durability and uncompromising performance. charge time) After I downloaded the app and created my login account, there were updates that needed to be installed. The Bluetooth capability adds connectivity to the Therabody app for the SUPREME experience. However, for a short comparison. After receiving the Theragun Pro, I am realizing how much I missed out in terms of muscle prep, muscle recovery, and injury therapy. I used to think electric toothbrushes were a waste. Theragun review: This high-end percussive massage gun is not the end-all, be-all. - 6 Attachment Heads. In comparison to other TheraGun models, there are two options.

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